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The Motion Lab is an interdisciplinary community of designers and scientists who share a common vision of the significant values of practice-based research. 

By combining Science & Design, we explore movement and gesture for learning in Education, Sport, Health & Art. Through scientific research and in collaboration with field-actors, we then design tangible interfaces with embedded sensors. 

The team

Joël Chevrier is full professor at Université Grenoble Alpes. He wants to “hack ambient technologies to explore new paradigms in learning based on movements and gestures”. This leads to collaborations with ENSCI Les Ateliers, IRCAM, National Museum of Natural History, Hôpital Charles Foix Ivry, Hôpital Necker, De Vinci Innovation Center, les Compagnons du Devoir on projects in education, sports and health.


Design&Sciences interplay is now the framework of his research activity at CRI Paris (2018-...).  

He supervises Marion Voillot, Ana Phelippeau Gaetan Guironnet, Fang Ke for their PhD projects and develops collaborations with designers Claire Eliot and Adrien Husson.


Joël Chevrier

University professor, physics

Marion Voillot is an architect and designer, graduated from ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and ENSCI-Les Ateliers.

​During her exchange with the Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia. There she discovered a holistic vision of education based on the Reggio Emilia pedagogy.  Following her Master's degree in architecture focused on learning spaces, she pursues a Master's degree in Creation & Contemporary Technology at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers. She is developing her diploma project "Numerium" around digital education for early childhood. It is this project that she is currently continuing with her thesis. 


At the crossroads between Design, Education and Human(Child)-Machine Interaction, Marion Voillot explores in her PhD project a new paradigm for early childhood education by placing the body at the heart of learning through the development of tangible pedagogical and digital instruments.


Marion Voillot

Architect, designer and PhD student

Adrien Husson is an engineer and designer graduated from the Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Strate École de Design.


In 2014 he developed the project Guken based on his diploma project mixing gesture recognition, sound design and sport training. This brought him to work with the CRI and the Movuino technology. There he met Joël Chevrier who proposed to him in 2016 to join the initial team of the MotionLab. Since then, he has been developing various projects exploring the forms and places of digital technologies into learning and health paths.


He seeks in his creations the sensitive scope of digital technologies, exploring the potential of a field which is still young and whose sensors and actuators are as many bridges between theoretical knowledge, physical practices and creation processes


Adrien Husson

Engineer and designer

Claire Eliot is a designer and researcher, graduated from École Dupérré in Fashion and Ensci-les-Ateliers in design.


She is at the crossroads of textile art and scientific research. She reinterprets our current digital interfaces.


Claiming to be part of the "Critical Design" movement, she considers that the designer is less a designer than an artist who has a social role to play. Fashion is for her an infinite territory of scientific experimentation, which design research reveals.


Claire Eliot

Designer specializing in e-textile

Ana Phelippeau is a psychomotor therapist who spent four years working in a public hospital, in the field of Children Mental Health.


She is currently doing a PhD in the National Museum of Natural History, the CRI and INSERM. Her research focuses on the neuromotor prerequisites for handwriting.

She is developing collaborations with designers and engineers in order to develop new digital tools to measure infant motor development.


Ana Phelippeau​

Psychomotor therapist and PhD student

Gaëtan Guironnet is an Associate Professor of Physical Education and a doctoral student at the C.R.I. doctoral school and at the I3SP (Institute of Sport and Health Sciences).
He has been involved for 20 years in education in and through movement in various school, sports and artistic contexts. The challenge of his research work is to design digital tools to serve learners and educators in situations.
Digital technology at the service of movement learning and individual activity: this is the challenge of education through movement in the 21st century.

Gaetan Guironnet.jpg

Gaëtan Guironnet

PE professor and PhD student

Our partners

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