top of page allows to translate recorded gestures into sound in order to animate a story in an interactive way. is designed for children and teachers to enable the creation of sound and moving stories.

By Marion Voillot, Joël Chevrier, Frédéric Bevilacqua and Joseph Larralde 

Year: 2020

In collaboration with IRCAM-STMS

Video ©QuentinChevrier : a presentation of Como at work with children

Based on software COMO from IRCAM for Smartphones, the project is a collaboration between the ISMM-Interaction Son Musique Mouvement team of IRCAM-STMS and the Motion Lab team of CRI Paris. Resulting from the Element research project, is an extension of the CoMo application (for Collaborative Motion; it can be tried here). The Element project allows to "stimulate the learning of movements in human-computer interactions". The aim is to create both motion vocabularies and to design computational models capable of analyzing users' movements in real time to provide multimodal feedback.

CoMo | Collective Movements 

17)b)rage.jpg CoMo in Smartphones generates gesture explorations



The CoMo ecosystem was initiated within the framework of the RAPID-

MIX project, an Innovation Action funded by the European Commision


(H2020-ICT-2014-1 Project ID 644862). Current supports include

the ELEMENT project (ANR-18-CE33-0002). It uses the Soundworks

framework developed in the CoSiMa project (ANR-13-CORD-0010),

developed by Benjamin Matuszweski, Norbert Schnell and Sébastien


Robaszkiewicz, Waves libraries developed in the Wave project (ANR-

12-CORD-0027) and the XMM library developed by Jules Françoise.


Special thanks to: Roland Cahen, Marion Voillot, Olivier Houix,

Anne Dubos, Jan Schacher, Joël Chevrier, Jean-François Jégo,

Xavier Boissarie, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes

CoMo-Education © IRCAM-STMS and CRI-Paris, 2019-2020


Research and Development: Marion Voillot, Joseph Larralde,

Benjamin Matuszweski, Frédéric Bevilacqua and Joël Chevrier


CoMo-Education is based on CoMo by IRCAM-STMS, licensed under BSD-




CoMo © IRCAM-STMS licensed under BSD-3-Clause,


Research and Development: Benjamin Matuszweski, Joseph Larralde,

Jean-Philippe Lambert, Frederic Bevilacqua (coordination)

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