Sensitive pen

(work in progress)

Sensitive pen will be a pen equipped  with:

- a 9-axis IMU to identify pen orientation in 3D-space,

- an artificial skin to detect finger positions and pressures on pen,

- an internal camera to record traces left on paper.

- memory

- WiFi and Bluetooth

- battery 

The collaborative group «Sensitive pen» gathers:

- Ana Phelippeau, PhD student 

- Adrien Husson, Designer Free Lance

- @CRI Paris

- Vladimir Hermand, FabManager @CRI Paris 


- Cedrine Soquet 

- Brice Parilusyan and his project Synthetic Skin Interface

- Pierrick Chevron

- Clement Duhart DVIC supervisor


Learning to write: a muscular story

Apprendre à écrire : une histoire musclée

Sensitive pen is a device developed by a collective CRI Paris&DVIC. It is connected to the Ana Phelippeau Phd project entitled: «Neuromotor pre-requisites for handwriting in children» . See page Research


Ana PhD supervision:

Emmanuelle Pouydebat (CNRS / MNHN) 

Joël Chevrier (CRI-Université Grenoble Alpes)

Laurence Vaivre-Douret (INSERM/ Université de Paris) 



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