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The D.O.R.A. Digital Orienteering Race Application project is an open source device to help learn orienteering in a school context.
The hardware device is composed of a Movuino GPS sensor developed at C.R.I. by Kévin Lhoste.
The software interface was developed by Séverin Ferard, a student at C.R.I./école 42.
The design of the application and the information of the interface for students, teachers and researchers were introduced by Gaëtan Guironnet, teacher of E.P.S. and doctoral student.

The digital thus makes the body capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment of its experiences.
This personalisation is made visible thanks to the digital interface visible to the student at the end of the race. It is enhanced by the addition of personal commentary on his or her sensations and the activity felt over the course of the sessions by an objectifiable part of the activity in the third person and a subjective part in the first person.
This hybridization of the digital within a physical environment of movement aims to show the added value of a phygital device.

PhD student: Gaëtan Guironnet E.D. 474 - I.3.S.P., Université de Paris.

Supervisors: Bernard Andrieu, Directeur de l’URP 3625 - I.3.S.P., Université de Paris.

Joël Chevrier, C.R.I. Paris, University of Paris.

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