Video Hitbox 2020 présentée à Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design

Hitbox was born from a collaboration with the Cité des Sciences in Paris. This interactive punching bag is a research support for learning and improvement scenarios in boxing. Several Hitbox make it possible to box by interposed bag without risk of injury while the light leads the practice. Its versatility leads Hitbox to interact with the general public to high performance. Beyond sports, it brings new perspectives in the creation of tangible and immersive digital spaces.

Hitbox has been presented at Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design 2020

Designer du Design Tri Postal 16.09 - 15.11.2020

By Adrien Husson

Contributors: Aymeric Faucher, Samuel Klepper, Kevin Lhoste

Supervisors: Joël Chevrier, Amodsen Chotia

Year: 2018

Photo Credits: Quentin Chevrier

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