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Imagine adding up two moves, yours and a friend's. Unrealistic proposal? In math, that sum is the center of mass. But with the MassAffect game, you don't have to become a math fanatic to play with it. Just come as you are. Step into the playground, the screens of the smartphones, and let's see together how you manage to create your team game.

Mass Affect

What is the sum of two movements ?

Hard to imagine this in daily life. Combinations of movements and gestures are at the core of people collaboration, intimacy... but what is the sum of two movements ?

Easy for Maths and physics. One can sum movements of two points M1 and M2 in an abstract space. It leads to the concept of « center of mass », commonly named G. But some knowledge in maths or in physics is needed to enter.

How can we play with sum of movements with no maths? 

An idea came during a discussion between graphic designer Maxime Bouton and Joel Chevrier in a workshop at ESAD Grenoble-Valence in spring 2015. Just put a green dot on a screen plus a red dot. The blue dot is just the middle of these two dots. When the green and the red are moving independently, the blue remains the middle and then follows instantaneously. Green and red control blue movement through their collaborative movements.

First tentative of Paul Peter Arslan march-april 2020 to program Mass Affect, the combination of movement made real ! 

The game starts soon...

Mass Affect is based on an original idea of Maxime Bouton (2015) @Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design Grenoble/Valence sous la supervision de Joël Chevrier.


- V.1: Aymeric Faucher, Mehdi Hamamda (2017), published in Collaborative 2D center of mass serious game, Conference MOCO 2017 London 

- V.2: Paul Peter Arslan (2020) Projet Master DVIC Pole Leonard de Vinci La Défense @CRI Paris

Project supervisor: Joël Chevrier

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