Movuina is a desktop application dedicated to simplify the whole Movuino experience. First of all it allows to set-up Movuino wireless sensor and Streamo smartphone application to stream their data to your computer. Then Movuina receives, represents and analyses the data while streaming them in real time to various development platforms: python, unity 3d, ableton live... You can very easily prototype ideas and iterate on your project needing motion interaction or use it to highlight physical phenomena: free fall, vibes, linear motions...

To improve the potential usages, Movuina embedded some of the Sound Music Movement Interaction team's works at IRCAM, especially the XMM: a powerful and versatile gesture recognition algorithm..


Streamo is an educational smartphone application dedicated to represent and stream the data from the motion sensors of your smartphone: accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. It can be used as an alternative of the Movuino sensors and is compatible with the Movuina interface. Such as Movuino, the usages of this application are mainly related to scientific learning and prototyping.


Movuino is an open-source development platform dedicated to motion and gestures. Basically it’s an electronic board embedding sensors, microcontroller and wireless communication component. This platform gives to citizens, whether they are scientists, engineers, designers, artists… the potential to prototype meaningful ideas involving motion sensing in many fields of application: health, education, sport… and this in many contexts: research, industry, art…

Streamo and Movuina complete this device by offering visual interfaces making project prototyping easier than ever. It also integrates algorithms and templates coming directly from research activities in order to make them accessible and understandable to anyone.

Movuino was developed at the CRI Paris. 


The interactive map from represents most of the projects developed by Adrien Husson at the CRI as engineer and designer, and the way they are related together.

3 years of MotionLab has been a unique experimental way to explore practical usages involving gestures, learning and digital technologies.

By Adrien Husson & Kevin Lhoste 

In collaboration with IRCAM-STMS & Joseph Larralde

Supervisor: Joël Chevrier

Year: 2015 - still in progress

Project link :

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