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Soft Mirror


Soft Mirror is the result of a singular approach mixing art, design, craft, science and technology. It is a clandestine hijacking of digital technology voluntarily with the means of the edge, but with the help of the textile that dresses the moving bodies, and raises its ancestral and multiple world, facing the technology that denies this moving body. It is part of an artistic movement that wants to question the human being about his own humanity in a world that has become digital.

Soft Mirror has been presented at Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design 2020 as an interactive "handmade" textile panel.

It contains small electromechanical motors remotely controlled by a Smartphone application. The movements of the smartphone, its gestures induce movements of the petals. Soft Mirror reacts.  

By Claire Eliot 

Year: 2019

Material : Electromagnetic Fields

Photo Credits: Quentin Chevrier

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