Work in progress (only the shown prototype now exists)

By Adrien Husson

Supervisors: Joël Chevrier, Amodsen Chotia

Year: 2020

Photo Credits: Adrien Husson

Project links:

  • These letters capacitively detect in real time a finger or a pen position, which also gives access to the trajectory and its characteristics (velocity, fluidity…).

  • Already inserted LEDs provide a real time feedback during the exercise (sound feedback could be readily implemented if considered).

  • Triggering of LED is controlled by the pedagogical scenario through the researcher/teacher interface system:

  • We want the teacher to be able to:

    • determine the exercise,

    • implement its rules in letter system through a friendly interface

    • give instructions to children accordingly.     


Research and development objectives (looking for funding):

In a first step, we would like to produce a set of 6 letters (and/or numbers) to rapidly enter experiments. Their hardware, associated software and specific user interfaces for both researchers, practitioners and children, will have to be adapted to aims presented here. This involves starting iterations with researchers, practitioners (teachers, educators, psychometrician…), children, engineers and designers, at a very early stage. 

Second step could be larger experiments. This means that mature devices after first step could be produced and used for experiments. This requires during the first step, preparation of a comprehensive documentation and of a production organization so that many can be reliably produced. 

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